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Supplements & Treats

Omega Magic Plus


An Oil Supplement for dogs and cats and horses


250ml bottle , 6x250ml bottles per carton
500ml bottle, 6 x 500ml bottles per carton
1L bottle, 6x1L bottles per carton

Key Information :

Omega Magic Plus is an essential fatty acid supplement for Dogs and Cats which contains Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid). The blend consists of vegetable, fish, flaxseed (linseed), evening primrose and wheatgerm oils, fortified by zinc , powerful antioxidants in the form of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as well as essential B group vitamins: Biotin, Pyridoxine and Pantothenic acid.

The very long chain essential fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are obtained from the oils in deep sea fish.. It is often difficult for dogs to get EPA and DHA in their diet, so Omega Magic Plus represents an important boost of these two critical omega-3 fatty acids. Evening Primrose Oil is a source of gamma linolenic acid.

For Adult Dogs : Omega Magic Plus is recommended for dogs that have a problem with poor skin and dull coat condition. In general, dogs go through a continual cycle of hair shedding and regrowth. The essential oils, antioxidants, B group vitamins and zinc in Omega Magic Plus have an essential role in maintaining normal, healthy skin and a lustrous coat. After a few weeks of daily use, new hair growth will be healthy and shiny.

For Pregnant and lactating bitches : Omega magic plus is recommended for bitches from proestrus until the puppies are weaned. Clinical studies have shown that a diet supplemented in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) has an essential role in the brain and neurological development of puppies.

For Puppies : OmegaMagic Plus is recommended for puppies as a continued supplement after weaning. The zinc in OmegaMagic Plus not only improves and maintains the integrity of the skin but also assists in normal bone and cartilage development.

Omega Magic has been professionally formulated by one of Australia’s leading Animal nutritionists.

Omega Magic Plus

  • Rejuvenates Skin & Coat-for dogs with dull and lusterless skin
  • Enriched with Fish, Flax and Evening Primrose Oil.
  • Helps with neurological development in young, developing puppies
  • Helps bone & cartilage growth in developing puppies.

This product is better than just plain fish oil tablets, because it is formulated to contain the correct Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio which fish oil on its own does not provide. It also contains other ingredients that improve the action of this supplement such as : Zinc, Vitamin A, and B group vitamins.

Omega Magic Plus is made fresh in small batches, so there is no problem with ‘old stock’ where the oils are not fresh !

This Oil Supplement gives people a natural alternative to using steroids to treat skin conditions !

Charco's Dog Treats

“Does your dog smell bad ?”

Packaging: 200g bags, 24 bags x 200gms per carton, 72 cartons per pallet. Each bag is a preformed foil lined plastic bag

1kg bags, 5x1kg bags per carton, 72 cartons per pallet. Each bag is a foil lined stand-up resealable pouch

Appearance: Charco’s are round rings approx 20-22mm in outer diameter. Inner hole is approx 7-8mm in diameter. Charcos are black in colour due to the natural charcoal added to the biscuits

Key Points:

Charco’s is a natural charcoal based dog treat designed assist in the control of bad breath & bad odours.

Dogs will enjoy Charco’s as a treat, and when fed on a regular basis, Charco’s will assist with:

  • Reducing objectionable body odours
  • Reducing the bad smell of a dog’s stool
  • Reducing bad breath in dogs
  • Reducing tartar build-up and tooth decay

Charco’s is made from quality ingredients, such as :

  • Activated charcoal
  • Sodium HMP, which improves dental hygiene
  • Yucca, which is a natural plant extract which may assist in reducing objectionable odours in your dog.

Please note that Charco’s is a dog treat, and not a complete food. For this reason, Charco’s should not be fed to your dog as a sole diet. Always ensure that your dog has access to clean fresh water at all times.

Ingredients Listing:

Whole grain cereals, poultry meal, fine ground charcoal, fish meal, vegetable protein, animal fats, sodium hexametaphosphate, yucca and aniseed.


Crude Protein min 20%
Crude Fat min 10%
Moisture max 85%
Crude Fibre approx. 3.5%

Nutritious ‘Treats with a Benefit’

We are always developing new lines of dog treats that will be highly palatable, as well as providing nutritional and health benefits for dogs. We can produce treats in either dry or semi moist form, depending on a customer's requirements. If customers require a treat with a special formula or benefit, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further. Please also have a look at our page on Contract Manufacturing.

New treats and supplements

Advanced Pet Care of Australia is HACCP accredited, which is the highest level of internationally recognised food safety and quality program. We are always developing new treats and supplements for our customers. If you want us to produce a custom made treat for your company please contact us, let us know what benefits you want the treat to have, any physical or chemical specifications, volume you would be ordering and we can talk further to determine the cost of the treat you are interested in, and any additional features you need. We are able to access a range of nutritional experts in order to assist our customers in the development of new supplements. Please look at our Contract Manufacturing page for more information.

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